Community Action on Youth and Drugs (CAYAD)

What is CAYAD ?
A Ministry of Health-funded project to minimise AOD-related harm for young people.  
 4 aims:                                                                            

Informing community discussion and debate about issues related to alcohol and other drugs (AOD)

We share information in a variety of ways, to enable young people to make informed choices that lead to healthier outcomes.

> Try our alcohol quizzes: PARENTS' QUIZ   STATS & MORE  DID YOU KNOW?

> Get eNews for parents & caregivers of teens/young adults

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> Get eNews on "The Plan": a project to Reduce Supply of Alcohol by Parents & Delay Teen Drinking   
(Read more about The Plan below under "Reducing supply")

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Promoting effective policies and practices to reduce alcohol and other drug (AOD)-related harm 

MJP toolkit covers 4web> AOD Policy Development in local Youth Organisations

Youth-related organisations in Nelson/Tasman: we can support you and your stakeholders to write a new AOD policy or review your existing one. 

More Than Just a Policy Guidelines and Workbook
Our toolkit was included as one of six key resources in the Ministry of Education’s July 2016
Guidelines for schools for developing a policy on the sale, supply and consumption of  alcohol
It has 3 components:
EVALUATE your AOD policy

> Making submissions
We make submissions to most local and national drug-related law changes. Let us know if you want to find out more about making drug-related submissions to Council or government. 


Increasing local capacity to support youth education, employment and recreation providers 
CUPIT - self-adding questionnaire or click to download CUPIT as a PDF.

If you are a provider of youth education/recreation or training please let us know if your staff have training needs to support young poeple to keep drug-related harm to a minimum.  One of our popular trainings has been learning about the cannabis screening tool "CUPIT" which helps people figure out if their cannabis use is risky or problematic. 

Reducing supply of alcohol and other drugs to young people

> Get eNews on "The Plan": a project to Reduce Supply of Alcohol by Parents & Delay Teen Drinking

Reducing supply doen't mean we work like Customs or the police.  Instead, we try to inform parents and peers/family members who might be supplying alcohol or other drugs to under-18 year olds of their legal & social responsibilities, and the impacts of alcohol on young people that might cause people to think twice and choose not to give alcohol to minors. 

2 key aims of The Plan: delay supply of alcohol to under-18s, and motivate families to discuss and plan how to deal with alcohol.

> Parent Discussion Evenings
We also try to improve networks between parents, by holding parent discussion evenings which focus on risk management, boundary setting, communication with young people, and positive role modeling to reduce alcohol or other drug-related harm.
 Let us know if you would like us to co-create and facilitate a discussion evening for your parent group. 


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